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Getting started: Glossary

Site Editor

The Site editor is where you create, edit and publish websites.

The Site Editor has 6 main parts:

  • Site navigation panel

    Every page in your site is listed here. Click a page to edit it.

  • Theme settings panel

    Select a Colour swatch or Font set to change the appearance of your current theme. Edit the background for the site, show / hide rows and switch guides on and off.

  • Row settings

    Apply a row style, split the row into columns or drag to change the row order.

  • Widget panel

    Drag widgets on to the page to add content to your site.

  • Top bar

    Switch between modes. Click the help link at top right for support and help documents.

  • Column Style selector

    Apply a style to a column

The four modes: Design, Preview, Theme, Manage

We have four modes:

  1. Desgn: build and edit your site
  2. Preview: check what site will look like
  3. Theme: browse and select themes
  4. Manage: change the settings for your site

Themes and Templates

A theme is a collection of styles and other settings that together define the appearance of a website. When a theme is applied to a site, style and settings are replaced but content is left unchanged.

A template defines the layout of one or more pages. Every page has it's own unique template.

A template widget is used to place content (e.g. a header or footer) that you want to repeat over many pages.


A Widget is a piece of content or functionality that can be added to a page. Widgets include text, images, forms, social networking, maps and video players.

Template widget

A template widget is a container for items that you want to share across multiple pages. When you edit a template widget on one page, it will update on every other page too.

Colour swatch

A colour swatch is a set of 5 colours used to set the colours for a theme. If you use the colours in a swatch and then change the swatch the colours will update. If you choose colour outside of the swatch, your colour will stay fixed.

Font set

A font set is used to set all the font styles used within a theme. If you use styles within a font set and then change the set the related font styles will change. If you choose a font style not included in the font set the style will stay fixed.